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Associazione Culturale Tuanis

Via Niobe 63C – 00118 Rome (Italy)
Fiscal Code: 97777090586
VAT number: 12959501003

The cultural association Tuanis promotes and organizes events about the Planet’s sustainable growth and the people’s wellness. It’s mainly focused on the hemp, a multi-purpose ancient crop that might help Italy and the world overcoming the economic crisis. There are many small business, shops and associations working these days to reintroduce this ecologic, easy to grow and multi-purpose crop that can be used in many sectors: energy , fuel, textile , paper, building and cosmetic industries, and last but not lest in the wellness, nutrition and medicine’s sectors. As promoters  of the event Canapa Mundi, we aim at creating a meeting place to exchange skills and know-how with all the realities operating in the field. It’s about time that Italy gave the deserved role to hemp promoting the right Economic policy: the environment, the agriculture, the growing hemp industry and the whole country will benefit.