International Hemp and Cannabis Fair of Rome

Canapa Mundi

16 - 17 - 18 February 2018 Rome


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It is the International Fair which has been bringing in Rome hemp fragrance and taste since 2015: the biggest event in Italy in exponential growth, the only officially recognized as International. In 2017: 7.500m², 120 stands, 23,000 attendances, 6,000 accredited professionals. In 2018: 9,000m², 150 stands, a relevant increase of visitors is expected.

It is a Guarantee of success for exhibitors. Opportunity of knowledge, fun and convenience for visitors. Contribution to the cultural transformation of our society and to the development of such an important field of our economy.

It is a meeting point for producers, consumers, growers, distributors, retailers, no-profit organizations, new and old customers from all over the world. Through stands, workshops, conferences, video-shows, exhibitions and workshops we will meet food, clothes, bioplastics, crop products, construction techniques, tools for consumer and patients.

Canapa Mundi is the celebration of the plant which is by definition a synonymous of strength, resistance, good health, respect for the environment and our historical roots.

From all over the world, and from every area of ​​knowledge and everyday life, All roads lead to Canapa Mundi.

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To be informed, to learn, to understand.


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Funny with all conforts for babies and children


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Recreative areas to taste food, to meet and relax with other people

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Associazione Culturale Tuanis

VAT: IT 12959501003 - Via Niobe 63/C, Roma - Telefono: (+39)0688809957

Hemp Industry

Hemp Industry

Grow Seeds Head

Grow Seeds Head

General Information

General Information

F.A.Q (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is Canapa Mundi?

Canapa Mundi is the first and biggest italian fair of hemp and cannabis. It takes place every February in Rome since 2014 and is organised by NGO Tuanis.

Why should I attend Canapa Mundi?

Because it is the biggest fair on hemp and cannabis in Italy; here you can find several international companies. Canapa Mundi strives for local relevance in its educational programming as well as with the professional services providers and retailers that are invited to exhibit in the expo. Whether you are a grower or simply a curious person, Canapa Mundi is the one show that truly offers something for everyone. Not only business and purchase, but also many educational services, such as workshops, academic conference, NGO links, children area, djset, shows and much more. Canapa Mundi is the show you cannot even imagine and you don’t want to miss!

Who should attend?

Everyone who loves or is curious about this plant. Whether you are current growers, hemp fan, bussinessman/woman, and those just interested in learning about cannabis are encouraged to attend.

May I come with my children?

Absolutely yes! Canapa Mundi is a show also for children. Not only they can enjoy the fair among the stands but they can also play into a children area with many games under the surveillance of nice entrainers. In addition new mums will breastfeed their own little children in a silent and clean space.

What does the ticket price cover? (seminars? Food?)

With only 8€ per day you will have free access to every space of the fair: shuttle, parking, stands, conference, workshops, djset, children area, chill-out area, art shows, games are all free. Food, beverage and coatroom are the only services with a fee.

What’s the ticket refund policy?

Tickets are NOT refundable but, since are not nominative you can sell them to someone else. 

Will tickets be on sale at the door? (and can I prepay?)

Yes, but we suggest you should pre-order the tickets from our website in order to skip the main line!

What’s the best way to get to the show? (parking lots/public transport, etc?)

Here you can find every information to reach the fair. Next to the fair there is a free and big parking.

Do not forget that Canapa Mundi is glad to offer you free shuttle from Anagnina Station to the fair.

Please, take care of the environment..share you car with others or use blablacar! Better if you came with your bike! 🙂

Where should I stay?

Here you can find a list of hotels that we would like to suggest you. You can tell them you are a visitor/exhibitor of Canapa Mundi and you will have a special price and shuttle service to the fair.

Can I take photos? Videos?

Photos and short video clips for personal use, taken with non-commercial devices are perfectly fine, please share what you like! Are you a DSLR or mirrorless shooter? Please apply for media credentials here. Content being created for commercial use is allowed only by pre-registered press and media. Please apply here.