Information for Visitors

The Canapa Mundi fair will take place at Pala Cavicchi, located in Via R. B. Bandinelli 130 in Rome

The fair days are 15th, 16th and 17th February 2019

Opening times: Friday 15th and Saturday 16th from 11am to 8pm, Sunday 17th from 11am to 7pm

Tickets can be bought online on iTicket or directly at the fair

Full price ticket € 10,00

Discounted ticket on Friday € 7,00

Discounted ticket* € 7,00

3-days subscription € 18,00


Free entrance for people with disabilities and children up to the age of 10, accompanied

*The discounted ticket applies to: people accompanying a disabled person, adults over 65

The ticket boxes open at 11am.

Starting from 11am on, free shuttles to Canapa Mundi will be departing from Anagnina metro station

Within the fair you will find stands with hemp products (gastronomy, food, cosmetics, clothing), light cannabis, products for growing and seeds banks, as well as a scientific conference, workshops, kids area, breastfeeding room, dj area, lounge room, cooking-shows, bars, restaurant, wardrobe and toilettes.



In 2017 we launched the Annual Hemp Conference, an academic conference with 32 researchers from prestigious universities and research centres. Stay updated and do not miss the chance to talk with experts of hemp, THC and cannabinoids!

Full program of the III edition of the Annual Hemp Conference


Every year Canapa Mundi offers a rich program of free workshops, designed to discover hemp in different ways.

The workshops have a limited number of participants, therefore send an email to with your name and specifying the workshop you would like to attend, with respective time. Don´t miss your seat, register ASAP to the workshops!

Full workshop program of the V edition of Canapa Mundi

Exhibitions - DJ Sets - Fashion Show


Every year Canapa Mundi enriches the fair with artists from all over the world.

Below you can find the exhibitions at the V Edition of the International Cannabis fair of Rome!

50 Shades of Green is an immersive and experiential installation, inspired by the hemp and realized through textile hemp coloured in 50 shades, which express all colors of hemp – not only green, but also tones ranging from brown-yellow up to blue-violet. Besides the visual and chromatic impact, the installation introduces an olfactory experience for visitors. Each color corresponds to the terpene of the respective strain.

The installation consists in a tunnel of colors and smells in which visitors can physically immerge – a visual, tactile, chromatic and olfactory environment and experience.

With 50 Shades of Green, Burningmax pays tribute to the plant that inspired several artists generations, elaborating and amplifying its perception i.e. colors, smell and touch.

Giulia Falciani, eclectic artist from Berlin, will be at Canapa Mundi with a comics exhibition. Inspired by an historical period relaunching hemp, divided between stereotypes and commercial growth, Giulia will show her original, playful and satiric works on hemp.

With her drawings, she aims at covering relevant topics such as environment, feminism and adolescence, in a clear and fun fashion.


In the pedestrian area of the fair we will build up a big tent with several dj who will follow one another over the three days. Soon we will release the line-up which will satisfy every taste while you are waiting in the queue at the entrance, but will also make you dance under the wonderful sky of Rome!

10:30 - 12:00TCD The Clone DjFrank KDB
SOUND BILLAH-outta the General
12:00 - 14:00TCD The Clone DjFrank KDB
SOUND BILLAH-outta the General
14:00 - 16:00FreeWeed Radio 420FreeWeed Radio 420GilloMC & Mr Joint
16:00 - 18:00OldWideLion's Way100 # Posse : Lady Debs & Psycho Juls & Miss Alabama
18:00 - 20:00WeedShopReverse HertzBurningmax - Smoked Out Beats For Stoners’ Afternoons

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Hemp in Fashion – Sunday 17th February the green fashion show is back at Canapa Mundi. Through a partnership aiming at valuing hemp as a natural and ecological resource as well as a symbol of the most ancient Italian tradition, the V edition of Canapa Mundi renews an important appointment with fashion.

istituto moda borgo

  • The Burgo Fashion Institute was found in Milan in 1961 by the current director and publisher Fernando Burgo, with the aim of merging the great passion for fashion with the willingness to create a reference school in the sector and train international artists. “The natural fabrics, including those out of hemp, are becoming a concrete choice in the field of clothing and we thought to use them for everyday clothes, among others. The freshness of these fabrics, given the natural fiber, makes them precious and ecological – a perfect binomial for the green style. Our collection is inspired by nature not only for the materials used, but also for the colour shades: green from the plant, blue from the see and rust colour from the soil. We also inserted some pvc elements as a recycling material in order to contribute – through fashion – to the reuse of a polluting element that is harming our planet. We enriched our clothes with artisanal prints and hemp rope patterns. Fashion, as hemp, has to be grown with passion in order to obtain a product that is valuable from a qualitative and ethical perspective. This is done by using soft, brilliant and versatile fibers, to dress men, women and children. Hemp dresses everyone!”, comments the Burgo Fashion Institute.

Verdefilo Lab, present at Canapa Mundi since the beginning, uses exclusively natural dyeing with leaves and seeds of hemp from its own production. The Lab operates in a renovated rural building, entirely powered by renewable energy,  where they merge tradition and innovation, crafts and creativity. “Our fashion show is inspired by Frida Kahlo, her colours and the exotic natural world around her. It won´t be a didascalic reproduction, but rather a quoting, with small elements which remind her esthetics and life philosophy, where color is fundamental, since it´s a natural dyeing, made by us. The material used are: yarns and fabrics out of Italian hemp; local pure wool yarns, produced from selected typical races, monitored along the whole production chain in Marche and Abruzzo; organic cotton with GOTS certification; small accessories printed with our 3D printer, with Kanesis’ hemp bioplastic yarns”.
The hemp yarns supplied by Verdefilo Lab are an Italian production based on French raw material – regulated therefore by the strict European legislation – with personalized titration and twisting.

Simona Colombo based her collection on a never ending topic: Hemp Today, Yesterday and Tomorrow.
“Using Today an ancient material, by exploiting its versatility without renouncing to modern aspects, and without forgetting its humble origins; Yesterday decoration that had to last forever, Haute Couture Today.
Hemp can be interpreted to be projected from the present towards the future.
There are no limitations imposed by hemp. On the contrary, it opens new unexplored visions and usages, and cut the distances with nature thanks to its comfort and innate features.
In my collection you will find hemp finely waved in a cocktail dress as well as a semi-raw hemp bride dress, up to a “yin yang” balanced dress.
By wearing Hemp Today you can find a connection with nature that has been forgot and which is highly needed”.

Children Area & Nursery


Canapa Mundi organization renews its close attention to the families and offers a space dedicated to children where they can play, have fun and stimulate their creativity!

Nice and competent educators of the Isola che C’è  are ready to welcome once again the little visitors in the colorful playroom where, besides the free play activities, there will be NEW workshops on the topic hemp, specially designed for them.

The area is open on Friday from 4pm to 7pm and on Saturday and Sunday from 11am to 7pm.

The Children Area is conceived for children and kids aged between 6 and 13.
Tremilia, mum and professional Face Painter artist, will be there to paint young and older visitors´ faces – are you ready to transform into Queens or Heros?


A new nursery service is available for new mums who can breastfeed their babies and change them in a quiet and clean environment.



Canapa Mundi cares about its visitors and takes care of every detail: free shuttles will depart every 15 minutes from ANAGNINA metro station to the fair and way back.

Also a wardrobe is available, to leave coats and bulky objects to the kind staff and get around the fair with free hands, in order to collect the available gadgets and make advantageous purchases.

After many informative chats and purchases, a comfortable break in the lounge area – provided with a number of tables, armchairs and sofas – to relax and recharge your batteries!


Besides the food stands, Pala Cavicchi makes available a restaurant which, for the occasion, will offer a hemp based menu. Come and taste it! 

Of course, every pavilion is provided with a bar service and some toilettes.


The business area is an exclusive space for professionals, which will ease the activities of companies, suppliers, investors, entrepreneurs, journalists and press. The area, provided with wifi, offers small tables, chairs and a bar with snacks and refreshments: all ingredients to best accompaign your conversations!

Cannabis Bike Tour

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Are you travelling to Rome for the International Cannabis and Hemp Fair and you fancy an ecological and creative way to visit Rome?

Let us amaze you! We are a tour operator with years of experience in showing Rome to tourists and we know how to get around the city by using e-bikes, which you will see is the easiest and most fun way to explore the eternal city.

We offer you a new Rome tour: the Cannabis E-Bike Tour. We will visit the most important places and also the most hidden ones, as well as stopping by some shops offering hemp-based products. We will get to know how these shops are changing the social imaginary on this special plant.

If you would like to have some further information, you can send us an email to

To make a reservation, please visit our website: