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Mostra Ivan Art

Ivan Art, this artist is popular around the world thanks to his activism and awareness about cannabis legalization.
With irony and levity Ivan’s draws and graphics represent a recreational atmosphere and open new reflective scenarios.
Discover his works in his website and catch the chance to know him in person at Canapa Mundi!
Ivan is waiting for you in front of the Conference Hall and the kindergarten.


Maria Novella De Luca Photographer

Maria Novella De Luca Photographer will show us her splendid photography project, called “I volti della canapa ” (http://www.marianovelladeluca.com/).
Claudia, Luciano, Serena, Osvaldo. Names of women, men, children, italian citizens who, from the South to the North of this peninsula, would like to legally nurse themselves with cannabis.
Multiple Sclerosis, cancer, rare illness, pain management: all of them tell us his/her story of suffering and frustration.
What they ask is to improve their lives, reduce collateral damages caused by drugs and devastating therapies: briefly, they ask for a chance to have an ordinary life or, at least, a better life.


Franco Strain Hunter

Franco Loja, an icon among the strain hunters, during his last trip to Africa he contracted Cerebral Malaria and passed away on 2nd January 2017.
He has invented so many genetics, and has won several times the famous Netherland Cannabis Cup with the Green House. Strain Hunter was in his DNA.
After his death there was a wave of his pictures from all over the world. We have collected only some of his pictures in this Memorial in order to retrace with all of you his wild passion for this wonderful plant, the Cannabis.
Through this Memorial we come together to give our last greeting to the Legend of Cannabis. He will keep on living in every genetics he has invented and in every cannabis road.


Itinerant Museum of Hemp by Bernardini Brothers

Unavoidable, as every years, our preferit Museum: the Itinerant Museum of Hemp, organized by the Bernardini Brothers NGO.
The twins Domenico and Settimio Bernardini have realized that the hemp and its processing, with which they have grown up, was disappeared not only in the Italian fields but also in people’s memory and in the society.
They started to collect tools and evidences from the past with the final aim to organise exhibitions and meeting.
In 1997 the Museum of Hemp was borne. Since the following years the twins, with the help of their daughters, have been traveling around Italy and Europe, bringing with them the Museum.
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