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Reservations Area Hemp Industry (stand H and G)

For further details about the Fair in general, prices, booking options and applications forms, you can send an email to: office@canapamundi.com

Reservation Area Grow, Head, Seeds (P stand, E, and M)

The area dedicated to Grow, Head and Seeds companies of the III edition of Canapa Mundi is sold out. You can ask for registration in the Waiting List by writing to sales@canapamundi.com

Extra Advertising Services (pdf)

To increase the visibility of your company and your stand, Canapa Mundi has thought different sponsor packages and other services, such as vouchers, pages in the event guide, panels at the entrances and inside the exhibition area.

Preparation and Customizing Stand (pdf)

To place an order for furniture accessories, warehouses, special customizations for the stand, porter service, please, download the form and send it no later than 20 January 2017.
Here you can find the catalog with images of furnishings.
Here you can download the form to draw the layout of your stand and give directions to the organization about the placement of walls, lighting, furnishing accessories and warehouses.

Terms and conditions (pdf)

It’s mandatory for the exhibitor to know terms and conditions of attendance at the fair. The document also contains all relevant information about shipments, schedules and set-up mode, regulation of access to the area of the event.


The organization has found for you some possible accommodation to stay. You can be entitled to a discount or use the shuttle for free by booking at one of the three structures recommended. You only need to mention to be a “Canapa Mundi” exhibitor.


The organization of Canapa Mundi has selected two agencies that offer Hostess service.
KSERVICE betta@kronoservice.com 3473528465/07476081000 referente Claudia Betta
LOGILUX info@logilux.it 0621802375 referente Giuseppe Teodorico

Pass for Operators

Passes must be filled within 10 February by sending the adequate form. Passes are valid only for the operators. The number of passes depends on the assigned floor area of ​​the stand. You can not drop more passes than what stated in the Terms and Conditions.

Free tickets for guests

Each exhibitor can enjoy two free tickets, each valid for one day, that should be requested at the delivery of the pass, on arrival at the Fair.

Accreditation Professionals

The exhibitor can suggest to its customers or experts of the sector to apply for accreditation, which is valid for the three days of the exhibition, by filling out this form. The deadline to apply for accreditation is February 10, 2017.