Dolce Vita

Dolce Vita since 2004, is the most independent and courageous bimonthly in Italy.

Dedicated to alternative lifestyles and to the culture of hemp at 360 ° (from therapeutic to industrial uses, from cultivation to the recreational world). It offers quality counter-information, anti-prohibition, music, travel, psychedelic culture, nature and degrowth content.

Dolce Vita is printed on high quality 100% recycled paper, coming from areas where civil and environmental rights have not been violated (FSC and Labelia Counseil certified).

Available every 2 months in our 326 distribution points, in print and digital version on our online shop and by postal subscription.

Finally, it is distributed in dozens of social centers, associations, municipalities, eco-villages and at sector events throughout Europe (from cannabis fairs to reggae concerts, demonstrations and street parades).

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Number #92

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Over 150 pages of hemp culture.

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In hemp and organic cotton fabric.