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Erba del Chianti

Erba del Chianti is born on sunny hills.

2000 organically grown plants planted in an old family olive grove. In our hemp field, plants grow outdoors, freely, “flavored” by the sun, rain, wind, and Chianti lands. Continuous research work to obtain a herb capable of giving back, through its bouquet, all the “flavors” of nature.
The crops are processed exclusively by hand in absolute respect for the cycles of nature, the plant, and its flower.
Our hemp plants are planted on the slopes of the hills of Impruneta, in Chianti, in a perfect microclimate.

The project was born from the revolutionary dream of an ancient family of entrepreneurs: to grow hemp in the Chianti hills. Foresight, resourcefulness, and vision, led in less than a year to the creation of Erba del Chianti with a very specific goal: to give a new future to those lands through hemp, starting from respect for traditions and care for the environment.

The crops are processed exclusively by hand inside the estate, in absolute respect of the cycles of nature, of the plant and its flower, since only by working by hand it is, in fact, possible to keep the largest flowers intact, the apical ones, and keep intact all the terpenes that characterize the aroma, flavors, and texture of our productions.

The Erba del Chianti project is a new way of experiencing Chianti through Hemp, which returns to your territory in an innovative project, made up of excellent products and contemporary experiences.

It is in these conditions and lands that the project grows, developing food and cosmetic lines, without ever neglecting our values.
Our range of cosmetic products, both with hemp oil and CBD, represents the new challenge today!

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Citrus, soft and persistent taste.


Highest quality selection of our best flowers.

La Bionda

Hemp lager beer.


Hemp anti-wrinkle with stem cells.

San Giovese

Citrus notes of wild berries.


High quality 100% Tuscan herb with a fruity flavor.


100% extracted from our plants.

Moisturizing cream

Hemp Face Cream with hyaluronic acid.