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Grow Shop Italia

Grow Shop Online specialized in the supply and wholesale and retail of material for indoor and outdoor cultivation, hydroponic cultivation, collectible cannabis seeds, organic fertilizers and fertilizers, preventive pesticides, grow room, grow box for indoor cultivation and cannabis light .

Furthermore, Grow Shop Italia offers: design, configuration and installation of amateur and professional plants for indoor and outdoor cultivation.

The products chosen and selected by gsi are the result of 15 years of militancy experience and passion for our work. The trust and professionalism attributed to us by our customers is certainly based on the competence on innovation and the curiosity that has always pushed us to seek quality.

But also the battles, the activism and the cannabis militancy have characterized our journey towards the tolerance of this resource, hemp.

The assistance, the care of Grow shop italia (ex Filo d’erba) towards the customer and the informal atmosphere that reigns in the team is now popular among those who know us.

Come and experience the difference between a salesman and someone who conveys passion.