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Indoorline srl was founded in 1999 and was the first Italian company to design, build and resell products for indoor cultivation in Italy.

As a point of reference for growers, over the years we have supported several research projects on cultivation, with important collaborations. In these 20 years, in a constantly evolving market, our experience and professionalism are at the service of growers and retailers.

Our services:
• Design of environments for all stages of cultivation and related processes: From propagation, growth, flowering to drying and conservation; In all of this, we make use of the support of our international suppliers through which we bring the latest technologies and brands available on the market to the Italian market
• Sale and supply of materials: Products for growers and for retailers of the Indoorline catalog throughout Italy
• After-sales assistance: Assistance service on marketing products in synergy with the various parent companies and manufacturers
• Consulting: The Indoorline team makes its professionalism and experience available to all operators in the sector, contact us for advice.