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Molino Crisafulli

Local raw materials, care, and innovation: this is the simple recipe of our experience; since 1951, Molino Crisafulli has been a point of reference for sustainable, quality agriculture and nutrition.

Ancient grains and hemp are grown in the countryside of Caltagirone without the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides; the normal annual rotation of the two crops guarantees excellent aeration and cleaning of the soil, which can be seen year after year in improving yields and the quality of the final product.

The cultivation of hemp was a pleasant rediscovery: since 2016, the year of the first hectare, at Molino Crisafulli, promoter and a leading player in the Sicilian market, we have been able to close the food chain, with the production of oil, flour, pasta and, last but not least, the C. Bidì beer.

With our Oil, we have been awarded in the last three editions of the national competition for the best Hemp Seed Oil, the “Canapa è” award.

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