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Research on cannabis growing techniques has made great strides in recent years.
The use of light, as well as the other elements in which the plant is immersed, determines the difference between a mediocre result and one of excellence.
The important collaboration with experts in the sector, together with our expertise, has led us to conceive a range of highly technological, very versatile and easy to maintain products.
Starting from the deliberately essential but extremely modern design, we have optimized the functional and most important elements of the lamp, in order to maximize its performance.
These include the choice of the highest quality Chip On Board (COB), excellent latest generation heat sinks and special lenses, which guarantee our products efficiency, reliability and durability.
The use of the silicone lens, positioned directly on the COB, allows the projection of the light with maximum intensity, furthermore the various possibilities of choosing the angle of projection of the light beam make our lamps very versatile, suitable for installations for any context. , from the Grow box to the green house, to the urban farm, with the possibility of positioning the lamp according to the cultivation need and of being able to orient it with the use of dedicated and manageable brackets.
Possibility of choosing dedicated spectra based on the type of cultivation.
The simulation of sunlight is the element we approach with our lamps. Our vision is that the technology in our possession must allow us to emulate what nature gives us, without compromising its balance.

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Passive heat-pipe cooling.

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Passive heat-pipe cooling.