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Packstyle offers professional flexible packaging starting from just 50 pieces, with a customization service accessible even to small businesses. Inflorescences, crystals and beneficial oils of hemp are declined in numerous therapeutic and cosmetic products.

Their wide versatility finds the right ally in a flexible packaging, available in many formats, 5 different materials, 3 finishes, and able to offer customized solutions. The high quality of the materials used guarantees a barrier with respect to the external environment, isolating inflorescences and hemp-based products from humidity, UV rays and gaseous infiltrations.

The envelopes respectfully contain the product, but they are also a marketing tool within everyone’s reach. The printing service, for example, allows you to print at the same time, and without additional costs, different graphics of the same order, facilitating orders and expanding the communication possibilities of the packaging.

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Layflat Pouches

Layflat Pouches

Multi-purpose flatĀ  pouches.

Custom Pouches

Custom Pouches

Custom Pouches for inflorescences.

Standup Pouches

Buste Standup

Multi-purpose standup pouches.

Custom Packaging

Custom Packaging

Multi-purpose flexible packaging.