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Panakeia is the first variety of hemp free of THC (0.00%) and with a high content of CBG (18%), developed by the Spanish company Hemp Trading and the Polytechnic of Valencia.

It is a feminized strain with great therapeutic potential and especially suitable for medical cannabis patients. Several surveys such as those in the British Journal of Pharmacology indicate that CBG may have beneficial effects in reducing pain, glaucoma, or psoriasis. Furthermore, this cannabinoid may also have anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties.

Panakeia offers great business opportunities, both for its cultivation and for subsequent marketing, overcoming the legal barriers that exist as it is free of THC. Panakeia successfully broke the legal barrier of “hot hemp” in the United States.

Panakeia crops are highly productive and reach 4,000 kg per hectare.

After successful marketing in the United States and Canada, Panakeia begins its expansion into the European market.