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Weedpassion is a company that produces and distributes Hemp Sativa L. at an Italian and international level, both in packaged form and in bulk form.
We also deal with Rebranding and produce inflorescences thanks to Bioflower Farm.

With our three lines, Weedpassion, CBDMarkets, and Bioflower, we are able to satisfy all needs, both from the economical and the qualitative side.
Bioflower is the last line released but it’s not the least important, it is equipped with Indoor inflorescences from our plant in Turin.

Our farm also sells seedlings for cultivation with a European passport and certified seed tag, as we are regularly registered with the RUOP.

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A large list of genetics to be sold in bulk.

Black Mamba

A very intense terpene reminiscent of hazelnut.

Purple Haze

Dark purplish appearance with a sweet taste.

Bioflower AK-47

Product with an earthy taste and pine aroma.


Awakens the senses thanks to the sweet and fruity essence.

Charas Hash

Produced from the resin of cannabis plants.

Gorilla Glue

Sweet and citrus flavor with a pine aftertaste.


Strong and intense smell with a grassy and pungent taste.