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Canapando is one of the leading companies in the field, with six stores in Rome and an agricultural company it can fully control the cultivation chain of light cannabis.

The spread of CBD inflorescences in 2016 allowed us to make our passion work, but we couldn’t find any product of a quality that deserves our brand.

This is why iHemp was born in 2017, the central pivot of the whole Canapando project. On our farm, after years of careful selection and research, we have developed the best light cannabis genetics on the market and we can grow it as we like: using only organic fertilizers and biological control.

Today iHemp consists of 1.7 hectares of land with 12,000 square meters of greenhouses and 600 square meters of dedicated indoor spaces.

In 2020 the last challenge: CanapandoFood. Hemp seed oil, craft beer, and a line of hemp flour cookies. These products, along with the inflorescences and growing items, can also be ordered from our delivery platform, which will also be operational in Milan from March 1st.

Online Store


Hemp Flour Cookies.

Good Morning Hemp

Canapa, Cocoa and Pistachio Coookies.

King Kong

Packs from 1 gr up to 100 gr.


Packs from 1 gr up to 100 gr.


Hemp Flour Doughnuts.

Growers Passion Beer

Beer brewed with Space Cake flowers.

Gianicolo R.XIII

Packs from 1 gr up to 100 gr.


Extracted from Cannabis Sativa flowers.