Virtual Edition of Canapa mundi

Welcome to the virtual edition of Canapa Mundi! 2021 challenged our determination, but the Canapa Mundi staff did not let themselves be demoralized and we relaunched our commitment with a double appointment. Visit the digital fair waiting to meet us in person again in September at Fiera di Roma!

Everything is ready for the Virtual edition of Canapa Mundi which will take place free of charge for 365 days starting from February 26, 2021. A digital fair, to meet all companies and visitors who are still experiencing binding problems related to the dramatic global pandemic.

Visit the showcase of our exhibitors and take advantage of the opportunity to weave new business relationships, even in times of distancing.

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Canapa Mundi Digital Webinar

To make the virtual fair experience complete, you can find here in this page our offer of some exclusive talks on cannabis. While waiting for the Annual Cannabis Conference, which will take place regularly during Canapa Mundi at Fiera di Roma, we keep up to date with the latest legal, economic, medical and anti-prohibitionist news. Several active speakers in the field will enlighten us on the cannabis world. Don’t miss this opportunity to ask questions and dispel your cannabis doubts!

Friday is dedicated to the legal and regulatory aspects. On Saturday we will face medical cannabis at 360 °: starting from the pharmacist who composes the individual cannabis therapies, passing through the doctor who allows timely information, arriving at the patients’ experiences. Sunday is the day dedicated to cannabusiness.

For further information please write to

Valerio StickylabColtivazione della Canapa nel mediterraneo11:30
FreeWeed Manifesto Collettivo Cannabis e antiproibizionismo oggi16:00
Avvocati Riccardo Camilloni e Leonardo Brevi Aggiornamenti giuridici e prassi penale18:30
Matteo Mantovani FarmacistaPreparazioni Galeniche con cannabis
Antonella Soldo, Meglio LegaleCannabis: dialogo tra cittadini e istituzioni12:00
Dottor Flavio Squillante Il medico di base e le prescrizioni di cannabis16:00
Cannabis Cura Sicilia Le terapie con la cannabis
VerdefiloLabCanapa tessile: cenni botanici, storici, merceologici, curiosità, e innovazioni 16:00
ConfCanapa di ConfesercentiCannabusiness in Italia
MODERATRICE DEI 3 GIORNI: Giulia Rapicetta, PhD in Economia

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